Johnny Pinos


Hello everyone! I am Johnny Pinos and I serve as Pastor of Cuenca Christian Church. I am a native Ecuadorian and I became a Christian in September of 1971. At that early age I was trained to do evangelism and received some theological training by studying with some seminary students who were developing ministerial practices.

After four years of college, I was trained for youth ministry in Minneapolis, Minnesota under the banner of Youth for Christ. After completing my internship, I moved back to Ecuador to start a ministry of Youth for Christ in Cuenca. Because of a sudden need at the church I was attending, I was asked to serve as Pastor of the church. I continued working in youth ministry, worked for three years at prison ministry and started a counseling ministry.

Two and a half years ago, I was invited to attend Cuenca Christian Church. I fell in love with the congregation immediately. After attending for about six months, the Pastor invited me to become the associate Hispanic Pastor which developed CCC into a bilingual congregation. Some months later, the Board asked me to become the Pastor.

I believe God has called me to walk alongside the members of this church in order to help them to walk closer to God and for them to become more useful in the Kingdom of God.